Product Specification

The Ride

Cyber Worm:

Park model family amusement Ride for children and adults can accommodate too. The Ride comes complete with base structure, 4 legs and upper structure for swinging motion, one car worm shaped made of six benches 3 seats each for a total capacity of 18 riders, benches move up and down while car is swinging and each  bench is provided with a safety bar, lighting on car and top, loading and unloading with decorated and lighted stairs, plc and control board.

Ride ready for operation.

Tech Data
Dimensions                        : 5.70 X 9.60 X 5.60 h m

Dimensions in operation :  5.70 X 11.60 X 6.60 h m

Number of Seats                : 18

Number of Cars                 : 6

Hourly Capacity                : 360

Speed RPM                        : 10 RPM

Motion Power                    : 30 Kw

Phases                                 :  3 PH + T

Weight (KG)                      : 7,000