Product Specification

The Ride

Tea Cups:

This Ride has been designed for children and adults can accommodate, it consists of rotating aluminum platform with a central decorated Teapot, 5 decorated tea cups accommodating 5 children each for a total capacity of 20 riders. Cups are equipped with a steering wheel and children can turn it so the cup itself rotate while platform is turning all around. The Ride comes with outside aluminum platform with led lights all around , electric panel and control board.

Ride complete and ready for operation.

Tech Data
Dimensions : mt 4,80 x 5,50 x 2,80 h

Dimension in Operation: mt 4,80 x 5,50 x 3,0 h

No. Of Seats : 20 children

No. Of Cars : 5

Motion Powe : 4 Kw

Weight (KG) : 3,500