Product Specification

The Ride

Twist -N- Drop Tower 10 m:

Park model Amusement Ride designed for the whole family complete with self-standing painted structure, aluminum platform, column with lights, painted top head, 12 seats with individual lap bar and safety belts. The ride operates by means of an hydraulic unit for up and down motion and electric motor for seats rotation. As an extra safety, the ride is provided with two decelerators to absorb the impact in case of free fall. The Ride is equipped with electric panel with PLC and control board with six motion programs. Attraction ready for operation.

Tech Data
Dimensions                        : 5X5X10 h m

Dimensions in operation : 5X5X11 h m

Number of Seats                : 12

Number of Cars                 : 1

Hourly Capacity                : 240

Motion Power                    : 45 Kw

Phases                                 :  3 PH + T

Weight (KG)                      : 9,000